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Wafer, Type A Head - Streaker - #2 Phillips

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Designed for light gauge metal applications where low profile head exposure is desired.  Super sharp 23° Streaker® point means quick and easy penetration into metal (25-20 ga.), while wafer head provides greater bearing surface. The right screw for K-lath installation. Superior GrabberGard exterior grade coating provides additional corrosion protection.

Gauge:                #8
Length:               9/16-in
Head Type:          Wafer framing
Recess Type:       #2 Phillips
Thread Type:       Twin lead
Coating:              GrabberGard® superior corrosion protection.

Installation Guidelines:

Use a standard screw gun with a depth-sensitive nose piece. Suggested screw gun specification for optimal performance - 4 amps minimum and RPM range of 0 to 4,000.

  • The wafer head is fully seated when the head is flush with the work surface.
  • Overdriving my result in fastener failure or strip out of the work surface.
  • The fastener must penetrate beyond the metal three full thread pitches.

All GRABBER® screw products are manufactured in facilities that are ISO 9002 and ISO 14001 certified and approved.